1. fer1972:

    Rock Concert Posters by Chelsey Curtin

  2. momongamon:

    Monika by Zoey Grossman

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  3. geek-art:

    TMNT again ! This time by the great Rich pellegrino. More here.  


  4. xombiedirge:

    Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Concept Art by Vitaly Bulgarov / Blog

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  5. jfiend:

    thermal ombre nails in green

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  6. weandthecolor:

    Batman Poster by Salvador Anguiano

    Salvador Anguiano has created this poster illustration as his entry for the Poster Posse project celebrating the 75 years of Batman.

    Check out more information about this Batman poster illustration on WATC.

    Find WATC on:
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  7. luchinon:


    うしじまいい肉さん()ブランド ローライズパンツ&ニーハイ

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  8. onecenturion:


    Cyberpunk 69

    The first pic

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